End of summer…


This is symbolizing my summer. Yes….the end is here. Tomorrow is my first official day back in the classroom.  It is a work day so hopefully I can get a lot of work done without everyone chatting and catching up.

Not that I don’t love chatting and catching up…but they just can’t get the procrastinator in me started or its hard to turn it off!

This picture is also symbolizing my mind right now! I am sitting in the Costco parking lot waiting for my knight in a borrowed vehicle to come save me. I left the house on almost empty figuring to fill up at Costco before running a couple errands. Unfortunately, I left my wallet in my camera bag and have no money except a check book. …and who takes checks anymore.

I did briefly think about stopping a stranger and asking them if they would cash a check for me…but figured they wouldn’t take it without 2 forms of ID…so instead I am waiting for my wallet…

Which will get here eventually…

Perhaps tonight would be a good night to learn how to make raspberry daiquiris!


February 2nd

So the ground hog saw it’s shadow and now we will have 6 more weeks of winter.

I don’t mind the snow right now since we hadn’t had it for a month. My husband has only had to plow 4 days all winter and two of them were this past week.


This was this morning. The back forest. I don’t call it a back yard because there isn’t much to the lawn back there.

It was so quiet. The flakes were floating down. I couldn’t call it falling because they were big fluffy things that took their time landing on the ground.

No birds right now. Actually there haven’t been any on the feeders the last couple weeks. Guess they already knew what the ground hog was going to do this morning ūüôā


I took this one on my way to work on Thursday. I love this barn. I wish I could win the lottery because if I did I would buy this property!!

The Snow Returns


While the rest of the country has been hogging all the snow and cold…we have been cool and dreary. Clouds, freezing fog and bare, dead ground. Kind of blah for winter. But yesterday the jet stream finally shifted and the snow started falling.


Of course the truck waited for the first big snow storm — in over a month– to die along the side of the road! Dang…3 hours and $280 later….

Here is an amazingly cool idea for keeping your spices handy! ¬† Check it out! ¬†It’s designed by a friend of mine, Heather from Farmgirl Gourmet. Click on the picture to go to the video and learn more about it…and to order too:


I don’t know about you, but I have my spices all over the kitchen and in my pantry. This spice block would make is so handy to keep my spices right there where I need them. Plus think of all the cupboard space it would open up!

This project needs your help. Please choose a size and make a pledge to buy one by August 11th so they can go into production. They are so close to reaching their goal!

If you need some great recipe ideas…check out Heather’s cooking blog to find out how she uses her spices. She has recipes to make your mouth water and to inspire you to start cooking again…even with the heat of summer! It’s called Farmgirl Gourmet. It’s full of local and delicious homemade recipes.


Spring brings a new neighbor!

Spring brings a new neighbor!

I just love the neighbor’s horses. They are beautiful and just driving by them each day makes me smile! I knew the mare was getting a bit big…and then the other week I saw the baby! She is only a few weeks old and stuck close to mom when I stopped with my camera.


Spring is in the Air in North Idaho

Here is a sure sign that spring is not that far off….


Mr. Squirrel comes to town! ¬†We don’t have but a couple squirrels that hang out in our little wood, so when they show up, it’s pretty notable. ¬†Not just because it bounces around and does acrobatic tricks on the bird feeders…


but because it’s noisier than all the other birds put together! ¬†It sits in this tree and yells at us and the birds. ¬†I guess you could say they are cranky in the morning…well, and in the afternoon…and in the evening. ¬†They just don’t wake up well at all!

Last summer, my 14 year old daughter wanted to know if we could shoot them. ¬†That’s how annoying they could get at times.

Spring is in the air and with it comes the squirrel alarm clock!

Lakeland Cheer and Districts 2013

What a long but incredibly successful day we had yesterday at Lake City High School. ¬†Lakeland Cheer came out strong competing against Sandpoint High School in the 4A division, but also competing against three 5A division schools (Coeur d’Alene, Lake City and Post Falls) for the Grand Champion trophy.

Lakeland used to compete. ¬†I believe they even won 4A at state about 10 years ago, but they stopped competing regularly until our new coach, Jennifer Bassett, took over last year. ¬†She is an amazing and talented coach. ¬†Last year was the first year we went to state. ¬†We took everyone on the squad…no cuts…and we made them competitive. ¬†We came home with a 3rd place trophy for our Co-Ed Stunt Group. ¬†

This year we did the same thing.  We took everyone and we have a talented and strong team.  I believe yesterday we were a surprise to many.  We hope that what we did yesterday, with three more weeks to make it even more solid, will help us bring home more trophies this year from State!


Yesterday we qualified all four of our routines to go to State in March!  We got 1st place in Pom, Sideline, Stunt Group and Show Routine.  Plus we received the trophy as Grand Champion of the 4A/5A division!  

We have a large group of seniors on the team:Image

This is our co-ed stunt group…made up of 1 freshman, 1 sophomore, 1 junior and 2 seniors. ¬†Two members of this stunt group were part of last year’s stunt group that won 3rd place at state.



One of the parts of cheer that is so awesome (but some teams forget about when they are in the competitive mode) is the bonds we form with other teams. ¬†Our team is very polite and they cheer on even our stiffest competition. ¬†A lesson that some of the other schools in the area could be reminded. ¬†But one or the teams we found kinship with over the season is the St. Maries team….we are both green and gold…but they also have a heart of gold! ¬†Thanks for all the support Jacks! ¬†Good luck at State too!

ImageOut of all the pictures of the day…this one is my favorite…..

ImageI am so blessed that I have two girls that get along so well…and now they get to compete together! ¬†What a treat for them to look back on later in life!



Moose Day 2 and 3

This little lady has taken residence on our little 6 acre wood.  She spent the day napping in the trees during the rain we had yesterday.  When it stopped she got back up and starting munching some more.

moose day2 wmWe think this one is the one that was born the first year we moved into our house. ¬†So she is 3 now and could be pregnant. ¬†No telling until April or May when she would calve. ¬†She is eating a whole heck of a lot when she isn’t sleeping. ¬†Sounds like the end of my pregnancies from what I remember. lol

Here are some pictures from this morning:

moose day 2 watching wm

She was hanging out behind the trees when I went out to try to get a picture of her from the deck.

moose day 2 eating wm

But she wasn’t camera shy for long…she was more hungry than worried about me and my camera.

sunny sunday wm

It was such a pretty day to be outside! ¬† The sun came out…we had some blue sky too! ¬†Still a good chill in the air from the strong breeze blowing through after the new snow last night.

And after eating solidly for another hour…here she is on the other side of the house taking a nap again.

moose day 2 napping wm



Little Slice of Heaven

This is why I like to sit at my dining room table to do my homework.  I have a large view of the woods behind my house.

This is what I got to see his evening…she hung out for a couple hours eating the shrubs along the edge of our lawn. ¬†This morning on my way to work I saw 3 more hanging out in a front yard down the road from us. ¬†I think it was the mama who had twins last year. ¬† Spring must be coming soon!

moose edited wm

Spirit Lake Winter Festival this weekend!

IMG_2470-001It’s cold this year…cold enough to make Spirit Lake freeze which is perfect timing for the 3rd Annual Spirit Lake Winter Fun Festival.

The festival is this Sunday, January 27th at 1:00. Team registrations will begin at noon. It will be at the recreation center and the boat launch on Spirit Lake. There are several family-friendly activities as well as 4 person team events.

Teams will compete in smooshing, igloo pulls, tug-o-war and human bowling. There are other events to participate in as well like ice skating, snow sculptin, sledding, a chili challenge and a winter carnival. There will be a toasty bonfire to warm everyone up as well.

It costs $30 for the team event. The proceeds from the event benefit the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. The fun will continue until dark and there will be food and hot chocolate for sale as well.

For more information call 208-623-2131 or go to their website:

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